Treasurer's Office
Front Row: Darby Downing, Elizabeth McDavid, Tina Payne
Back Row: Michael Carter, Jean Warren
The Office of County Treasurer was established by State Law to collect and disburse taxes, manage bond proceeds and debt service requirements, invest funds unnecessary for current expenses, receive various funds collected for County purposes, and file reports and summaries for various governmental entities.

This office exists to manage your money.

Our mission is to receive and disburse all county government funds accurately, efficiently, and effectively. We are committed to fulfilling our mission with new technology and good old-fashioned customer service.

Unclaimed Property
Greenville County residents now have the opportunity to claim funds sent to the State of South Carolina. Through the below link the Greenville County Treasurer, Jill Kintigh, has made it possible for over 600 businesses and individuals to claim property owned by them but unclaimed. Each year millions of dollars are transferred to the State Treasurer’s office by companies who cannot locate these citizens.

Click here or call 803.737.4771 for information leading to the claiming of more than $1.5 million owned by Greenville County citizens.

Forfeited Land Commission Property

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