Jury Trial Dates
When it has been determined that a case is to be placed on the jury trial roster, attorneys and parties acting Pro Se, that is, people who are representing themselves, will be notified as to when to appear for a Status Conference. The purpose of this conference is to obtain contact information with regards to the Pro Se litigant, to determine what type of case it is, such as a wreck, slip and fall, or personal injury, and when the case will be ready for trial.

After a trial date has been scheduled, all attorneys will be notified by fax and those acting Pro Se will be notified by letter or by phone as to when the case will be called for trial. Once your case has been called for trial you will report to the designated courtroom and proceed with jury selection and trial as set forth in the "South Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure".

The "Rules of Civil Procedure" can be found in any one of the following locations: Greenville County Public Library, and Greenville Technical College Library.

For information on court schedules and other docket information, please visit the Clerk of Court’s Court Support page.